Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Blog Post - Welcome

I'm proud to launch to the world.

My wife and I are very much into "Gentle Parenting" - that's the collective term we prefer for all the unpopular parenting methods such as breastfeeding, comforting when upset, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, baby-led weaning etc.

Unfortunately, many people misunderstand the many benefits of such child-rearing methods and will use that well over used phrase "you're making a rod for your back". We disagree, Breastfeeding is easier than Formula (and much better); Comforting your baby at night is nicer for everyone and doesn't do the damage that Controlled Crying does; wearing your baby is easier than pushing them in a buggy; cloth nappies are better than landfill nappies... etc. The list goes on.

We want to help all those other "Gentle" parents to tell the world to shove off and keep their (wrong) opinions to themselves. We want to bring up our children in the best way we know how and this is it.

Welcome to!

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